Are there anythings I should ask the seller to do or that I should do prior to the home inspection to assist in a more complete inspection?

  • Allow approximately 3 hours for a full inspection. Additional time may be required if this is your first home inspection or if you have a lot of questions about the property. Your inspector will stay with you until all of your questions are answered and he will be available to you by phone after the inspection.

  • Make sure you can attend the inspection. Your inspection will be much more informative if you are there. While our reports are detailed, clear and easy to read there are many little points that you will pick up by being at the inspection, including learning how to operate key equipment and systems.

  • Make sure the time, date and duration of the inspection does not conflict with the property occupants and/or the Realtors involved.

  • Make sure all utilities are on and systems are operational prior to the inspection. This is important to allow for a complete inspection of all systems.

  • Let the seller know that the inspector will need access to all areas of the home and that stored items should not block access to any area, mechanical systems or equipment. Air conditioning systems can only be check when the outside temperature has been at least 62 degrees for the past 24 hours or the compressor may become damaged.

  • Bring the seller's disclosure statement for our evaluation of the items they listed.

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